Beauty Pie Update: Everything I Tried in 2017

I’ve had a Beauty Pie subscription since last spring, I first wrote about it here.  Beauty Pie is a unique program in which you pay $10 per month for the opportunity to purchase Beauty Pie brand luxury beauty products at the transparent factory cost.  The company was founded by Marcia Kilgore, who also started Soap & Glory and Bliss Spa, and who also prodded me on Instagram to join Beauty Pie.  Yes, I was a little starstruck, but I am so glad I joined!  I have loved nearly every product I’ve gotten from Beauty Pie, and I can’t believe the cost of them when I compare them with luxury brand products.

I love my luxury brand products, don’t get me wrong.  I coveted the Guerlain Meteorites for YEARS before I finally got to admire that beautiful little tin pot on my vanity counter.  I love my YSL and Hourglass lipsticks.  So I am being honest (as an experienced consumer) when I say that the Beauty Pie products themselves compare favorably to my luxury pretties.  Of course, like everything else, Beauty Pie is not 100% perfect; when people say, “What’s the catch?” this is what I would tell them:

  1. You can’t buy everything you want immediately.  Membership allows you to purchase $100-$200 of the retail value of Beauty Pie items each month, depending on your membership level.  This ends up being anywhere from 1-5 products (1 high-end moisturizer or, say, 5 lipliners).  To me, though, this limits my impulse purchases and I feel fine about it.  They did offer top-ups during the holidays so that you could buy extra allowance for gifts.
  2. You pay true shipping.  This might be sticker shock for those of us accustomed to Amazon Prime.  This is one of the ways they can sell the products at true factory cost (and it is! $2=$5 for a gorgeous lipstick! $11 for a $70 facial mask! No kidding).  What I have decided to do now that I’m ordering quarterly, to save on the shipping for each order.  This way I get a big ol’ parcel every 3 months instead of a smaller one monthly.
  3. If you like to be surprised by beauty boxes, this isn’t that same format.  This is more like a member’s club (I hate to compare it to Costco… but…) and you choose everything you want to purchase each month.
  4. Beauty Pie’s color makeup products, that I’ve seen so far, are more marketed towards a posh woman in her 30’s than teens or 20’s (or ME at 40, tbh).  Meaning, if you like holographic glitter and editorial lipstick colors, Beauty Pie doesn’t offer that (yet).  But I sure do love them for skincare and makeup staples, the quality is top notch and I hope we get a LITTLE more editorial color soon 😀
  5. The packaging is lightweight by design, to be more ecologically conscious.  So if you love heavy, ornate, luxury packaging, you don’t get that.  I would compare the aesthetic to MAC, NARS, or Bobbi Brown.
  6. Shade range is limited in concealers and some foundations.  Their primary foundation line, the Everyday Good Skin foundation, comes in a HUGE range from very light to very dark, but their other concealers and foundations are more limited.  They are adding shades all the time and I hope they add more shades (especially for POC) in the other foundations and concealers soon.  I haven’t quite found my match in concealer yet, but I have a great match in the Oil Free Micromineral Serum foundation.

OK Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here is everything I purchased from Beauty Pie in 2017 and I LOVED most of it!  In many cases, I’ve identified a luxury retail product that has similar or nearly identical ingredients to the Beauty Pie item, so I’ve indicated those where I’ve found them. Note: This is ALMOST everything–everything except the stuff I bought and reviewed here.  

PRO BASICS MAKEUP BRUSH KIT #1  This is most similar to a Marc Jacobs brush set that I found around the time I ordered it (last summer) that retailed at $249.  The brushes come in a zip-up case with spaces for each brush; it’s very nice–I like to store my brushes in cups, so I’m currently using the case to store crochet hooks! Each brush has a smooth, solid feel; the bristles are soft, and I have washed them and had no shedding or ferrule separation.  I love these brushes and will be ordering the large full-face powder brush in my next order.

PRO-STROBE LUMINIZER Similar to Laura Mercier Face Illuminator Honestly I ordered this one because it’s a pretty rose-shaped highlighter.  It’s a lovely peachy shade, more subtle than a Becca or Anastasia highlighter but very nice for a subtle glow.  It’s very densely/hard pressed–I’ve used it quite a bit and the rose shaping is still intact.

SHINE UP LIP COLOUR BALM STICK in Sugarola Similar to NARS Velvet Gloss Lip Pencil This is a very sheer, lightly shimmery balm stick.  The color is pale pink but on me it looks subtle and colorless.  This isn’t something I would necessarily repurchase, because I don’t wear sheer balm very much (I like it bolder!) but it is nice if you like that sort of thing.

WONDERCOLOUR CREAM EYESHADOW STICK in Little Star Similar to Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Color I LOVE THESE and will buy more.  Nice color, opaque, blendable until set, and DOES NOT BUDGE. A+ I will buy more shades

MOISTURE-LOCK WONDERGEL LIP LINER in Rummy Pink, Reckless Red Similar to Urban Decay 24/7 Liner These are great lipliners and I’ve already bought 2 even though I don’t use anything but clear lipliner very often (MARCIA! PLEASE ADD CLEAR TO THIS LINE! THANK YOU <3) They go on smooth and stay put.  Don’t feather or sink into lines.  Good stuff.

FUTURELIPSTICK – MATTE Cowboy Nude Similar to Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution lipstick This is a very nice lipstick in a warm nude shade with a light, sweet fragrance.  I like these but as you will see I like another Beauty Pie lipstick more so I haven’t bought more than one shade of this yet.

SUPER PORE-DETOX BLACK CLAY MASK Similar to Glamglow Supermud This was why I initially joined beauty pie (MK recommended this mask) and I was certainly not disappointed.  I LOVE Glamglow Supermud. I DO NOT LOVE paying $70 for Glamglow Supermud.  You know what I LOVE MOST?  This freakin’ mask.  It’s even better than the GG and you get more than twice as much (4 oz vs. 1.7 oz) for about $11.  It works great, you get the little pore spots like with the GG, and it smells like a fancy spa. I’m almost out of this and I will repurchase this forever.  This is one reason I don’t think I will ever quit my BP sub.

JEJU DAILY ANTIOXIDANT SUPERINFUSION SERUM I wasn’t able to find a specific product similar to this, but I like it a lot.  It is an antioxidant serum, goes on very smooth, leaves my skin looking bright and smells refreshingly of grapefruits.  I will repurchase this.

FANTASTICOLOUR SCULPTING LIPSTICK in Rebel Ruby, Vegas Nude, Guilty Pink This is my favorite lipstick I have ever tried in my life.  It is freaking GORGEOUS.  It’s slightly sheer but fully pigmented, and somehow it DOES make my lips look more plush even though it doesn’t have any irritating plumping ingredients.  I will have every shade of this in the near future.  A+++++

BASE COAT AND TOP COAT DUO Another reason I will probably never stop my Beauty Pie membership. This is the best line of nail products on the market. I am not kidding. Even with other color polish, I get a solid 7-10 days with no chips when I use this base coat and top coat.  A++++++ will buy forever.

WONDERCOLOUR NAIL POLISH  in Absolutely, Supernude, Riot Act Red, and Black Cherry Bomb This is another product that I’ll get all the shades of.  It’s long-wearing, opaque, and self-leveling. The brush is fantastic.  A+++++

EVERYDAY GREAT SKIN FOUNDATION Shade: Fair Similar to Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation I don’t love this foundation, but it might be better if I found the right shade.  The shade I chose was too fair and peachy (I have yellow undertones).  It applies beautifully, but doesn’t wear as long as I need (I need Estee Lauder Doublewear level bulletproof if I’m wearing full coverage).  It’s not bad, it’s just not my favorite.

OIL-FREE MICRO-MINERAL SERUM FOUNDATION in Buttermilky Now this IS my favorite.  I love this stuff.  Light to medium coverage, feels very silky going on, a little goes a long way, looks luminous and natural.  It doesn’t wear strangely or get cakey.  I will keep buying this to use everyday except for fancy occasions when I want total full coverage.


And that’s it!  Should you join Beauty Pie? Yes, you should.  Great products, shockingly small prices, excellent quality.

Disclosure: I am NOT SPONSORED by Beauty Pie nor have I received any free products or compensation for this blog post.

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