Influenster VoxBox: Origins #MyPerfectWorld

I recently got my first Influenster Vox Box!  Influenster  is a program that sends free products for review to microinfluencers.  If you are in the running to get a VoxBox, you receive an email questionnaire to determine whether you fit the demographics that the brand is looking for. If you qualify, you then receive an email that you’re in, and a few days later you receive a box of products to try out.  You have to complete all of the objectives of the campaign, which are usually things like writing reviews and sharing on social media.  Some VoxBoxes have an event attached, like an in-store promo, that you have to attend to participate in the campaign.

I see a lot of people online wondering how you ever actually get a VoxBox.  My experience has led me to believe that a big part of it is your social impact score, which is their score for every social media account you have–my score is around 2200, and that includes about 300 Instagram followers, 300 Pinterest followers, 300 Facebook followers, about 115 Twitter followers, and 1000 points from my Blogger account’s hits.  I have been a registered user since July 2016, but I really focused on building social media impact and completing Influenster account activities since November or December.  It’s April and this was the first VoxBox I got–I was in the running for one other but did not qualify. I did not get any box questionnaires until my score was over 2000.

Demographics is the other big thing, and in that I think that age has the most to do with it.  Since I’m 39, that eliminates me from a lot of campaigns, I think–if you’re 20-25 I think you’d have more offers than I do.  I believe that is from the brands’ market research about who is most likely to purchase products recommended by influencers as well as how active influencers are on social media.  I think I’m kind of an anomaly for my age group in that I’m a huge social media user, love makeup and trying new brands, and have a lot of friends in the 20-30 age group.

This is just my own understanding of how Influenster chooses box recipients–I don’t have any specific confirmation from them on it.  And honestly, while it’s frustrating to me that my age knocks me out most of the time, Influenster has the right to send brand promos to people that they believe will offer their client brands the biggest ROI.  So I don’t blame them!

I was pretty excited to get this VoxBox!  For the Origins #MyPerfectWorld campaign, I was sent a box with deluxe sample sizes of five Origins products:

Origins is a brand that has been off my radar for a while, especially since I started working with mostly Korean and Korean-style skin care products.  However, working with k-beauty products over the past year and a half has made me more focused on my skin care in general, and lately I’ve been looking more at non-Asian brands with similar effects and active ingredients to the k-beauty products I have in my routine.  I used to use one of Origins’ products religiously, years ago: the Checks & Balances foaming cleanser (which was one of the things that I got in my box).  I enjoyed trying these products and actually bought some full-size to continue using in my routine.

One of the things I enjoy about Origins is that it makes me feel like I’m in a fancy spa.  Their packaging is pretty and botanical-inspired, and the fragrances of the products are delightfully spa-like and not overwhelming.  I had never tried anything but their Checks & Balances, though!  I have been pleasantly surprised about the things I tried this go-round.

Checks & Balances Foaming Cleanser: This stuff smells like those gummy spearmint leaves and I love it.  It’s very foamy–like fluffy, whipped cream deliciousness.  A little goes a LONG way–use about a pea-sized amount on wet skin and foam it up. Works great with a Clarisonic.  It rinses clean, a little more stripping than my Hado Labo cleanser but it leaves me feeling very clean and not overly dry.  When I used to buy this regularly, one tube would last me about 6 months because you really do not need to use very much.  The one thing I don’t love about this is the pH–I found reports online that it is 8, which is much higher (and therefore more alkaline) than my usual cleansers.  I will continue using this, but with a pH balancing toner afterward (like Mizon AHA/BHA, Origins Balanced State, or The Ordinary glycolic acid toner which I’ve been very interested to try).

Gin-Zing Energizing Moisturizer: I was surprisingly delighted with this moisturizer.  You might remember from my other posts that I’ve used the Clinique DDM Gel moisturizer for quite some time and it was the only Western moisturizer I’d tried that didn’t break me out.  I do like my DDM Gel, and yes it doesn’t break me out, but it’s also not as moisturizing as I’d like.  This moisturizer is very light, smells like fresh oranges, and moisturizes me more than the Clinique DDM.  So far it hasn’t broken me out, and if it was going to, it would have by now.  I bought a full size of this at the in-store event!

Gin-Zing Eye Cream: Another thing that I was pleasantly surprised with.  I have super puffy eyes and I always have!  I only started using eye cream within the past year and while I generally like the effects, they are usually way too rich for me to use under eye makeup.  This one is light as a feather, sinks in, dries matte, and does give me a noticeable depuffing effect.  This is something I would repurchase when I’m out of my current eye creams.

High Potency Night-A-Mins Night Cream: This was my one true miss from the package, and really just because it’s far too rich for my combo/oily skin.  It has a nice texture and I think it would be delightful for those with dry skin, but I won’t use this regularly.

Clear Improvement Active Charcoal mask: I like this, but I don’t LOVE it.  The nice thing about this is that it’s gentle, you don’t get any burning or tingling as it works, and leaves my skin soft and seems clear.  I have never tried any active charcoal masks yet and I want to do more research about that ingredient’s benefits.  I have other pore clearing masks that I like more, because I have these stubborn pores on my nose that need industrial strength vacuuming so my favorite is good ol’ Aztec Secret which makes you feel like your soul is being sucked out of your pores.  But for something more gentle, this is a good option.

Part of the Origins #MyPerfectWorld Influenster campaign was in-store events to launch their new A Perfect World line of anti-aging skincare.  The in-store event included 20% off store-wide, free mini-facials, snacks, and tea leaves readings.  It was pretty crowded but the staff was pleasant and I enjoyed myself!  I got a mini-facial where they used the Perfect World product and my face was super soft all day afterward.  The fragrances of those products are very spa-like too, I’d consider the range in the future.

My facialist! 🙂
Me totally makeup-free–they gave me that little fabric band to pull my hair back. V. thoughtful 😀
Ok, I didn’t know they have sheet masks!

I ended up purchasing the Energizing Essentials Gift Box which included a full size Gin-Zing moisturizer, and travel sizes of the Gin-Zing eye cream, charcoal mask, and balancing toner.  It was a pretty damned good deal since I’d planned already to buy a full size of the moisturizer and with the 20% discount it wasn’t much more than just the moisturizer would’ve been.  I also got a travel size of the Checks & Balances cleanser since my Voxbox tube reminded me how much I enjoy using it (fluffy fluffy fluffy minty foam!)

So, all told, I was quite pleased with my first Voxbox experience!  Have a beautiful week, my darlings!

DISCLAIMER: I received the described products for free from Influenster in exchange for my honest review, except the items I purchased myself at the in-store event for 20% off.  There is one referral link to Influenster in this post.  I did not receive any financial or promotional compensation for this blog post.

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