Ok, it’s not Sunday. But I’ve been working for a few weeks on (totally unscientific) experimental trials on all the liquid lipsticks I have.

So, matte liquid lipsticks have been a hard sell for me.  For a long time I wore nothing on my lips at all, or lip balm, and an old Clinique lipstick on very special occasions.  My love of makeup has really only developed for the last few years.  I started with watery stains (like that elf marker pen), and went to standard bullet lipsticks (Besame will always be my true love).  Back when I was in my teens, one time I tried one of those awful Covergirl Outlast 2-step Liquid Lipsticks and they felt SO AWFUL on my lips I swore, never again.  Then, when I started enjoying makeup as a creative pursuit a few years ago, I kept hearing all about matte liquid lipsticks.  The first one I tried was Colourpop, and while I adore their Supershock shadows, I really didn’t like it at all.  It wasn’t transferproof, and kind of got all over my face.  (That being said, I would like to try Colourpop again now that I “get” liquid lips and appropriate application.  Because it may have been partially user error).  The next one I tried was Sephora Cream Stain, but I was hoping it was an actual stain and was somewhat disappointed by its results.  Again, now that I get LL’s I’m giving it another chance.

First off, I didn’t really know how to apply liquid lipsticks when I tried my first, so here are my tips now that I’ve figured it out:

  1. When you’re applying it, first spread it around the middle of your lips and then do the edges.  If you mess up the edge at all WIPE IT OFF IMMEDIATELY.  You can’t really smooth the edge like you can with bullet lipsticks.
  2. When you’re satisfied with the line, quickly pop your lips together a couple times (like you’re whispering “pa pa pa”) to smooth out the finish.  Most liquid lips improve with this technique but I noticed it makes Kat Von D ELL go really patchy. Don’t press hard or rub your lips together, and never rub your lips together while you’re wearing them.
  3. Then, keep your mouth open until it is TOTALLY DRY (if it’s one that dries down).  If I’m in the glamour cave, I point my hairdryer at my mouth on cool until it’s dry.  I don’t know if that’s dorky or not. I’m a dork so it’s fine.
  4. When you need to retouch (like after eating), only put it on the areas that have worn off.  Don’t put another layer on top of any that’s still there.  Just blend the edge between the new and dry a little bit.
  5. Side note: I never realized until I was doing all these close-up lip swatches that my lips are asymmetrical.  Interesting discovery

Now that I’ve tried many, I find that really no liquid lip is as comfortable to wear as my favorite bullet liquid lipsticks.  So, what I’m looking for in liquid lipsticks are things I can’t find in bullet lipsticks: very long wear, transfer- and drink-proof, and sometimes colors or finishes that I don’t see in bullet lipsticks.  I have a few matte bullet lipsticks that I honestly love, so matte isn’t really what I need from a liquid lip.  For me, it’s fine if the liquid lip has a satin or metallic finish, rather than flat matte.  If it’s really uncomfortable to wear I don’t want it, but it’ll never have as nice a feel as a stain or bullet lipstick so I deal with it.

For the SMACKDOWN, I took a lip swatch photo when I first put it on, then waited 2-3 hours, ate a meal, and took a photo afterward.


Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid Lip in Armageddon 

Retail: $20.00

I had been interested to try these because a lot of people call them HG.  For me, they’re one of my least favorite.  A perfect example of YMMV.  Here were my experiences:

  • Pigmentation: Good
  • Finish: Paper matte
  • Does it dry completely? Yes
  • Transfer-proof? Yes
  • Long-wearing? Sort of.
  • Food-proof? Nope
  • Comfort? Good
  • Repurchase? Nope

KVD comes in a light, narrow tube that has the same aesthetic as KVD’s other products.  Two things I don’t love about this: it is flat, flat, flat matte, and if you eat or drink, it becomes a hot mess.  When applying, it gets patchy if you put on more than one layer or press your lips together before it’s totally dry. With the ones I like, after you eat you can touch up the worn-off areas and it’s fine.   With this one, once you’ve eaten, it is no longer dry, it’s like this wet chalky mess and you can’t touch it up, you just have to take it all off and start over.  And it’s not super easy to get the last of it off with tissues so if you’re out, not good.  Now that I tried this again under ideal application conditions, I’m going to put it in the little basket I keep for when friends come over if they want samples or stuff I’ve only swatched or worn a couple times.

Sorry, Kat Von D, I do like your eyeshadow and love the Lock-It powder foundation, but the ELL’s are a pass.

Sugarpill Liquid Lipstick in Strange Love from the limited edition Feline Fancy collection 

  • Retail: $18
  • Pigmentation: Excellent
  • Finish: Metallic
  • Does it dry completely? Yes
  • Transfer-proof? Mostly
  • Long-wearing? Good
  • Food-proof? Moderately
  • Comfort? Excellent
  • Repurchase? Perhaps

I’d wanted to try out Sugarpill eyeshadows for a while and when the Feline Fancy kit came out it was so adorable that I had to.  The eyshadows are lovely and I enjoy them and the compact is darling but I was so pleasantly surprised by the liquid lip.  It’s a very pretty, warm deep red matte. First off, it smells like orange creamscicles and I appreciate that.  It’s in a nice, heavy, acrylic/lucite tube with the little sugarpill logo. It goes on smooth as silk and dries down completely and feels like you’re wearing nothing.  It wears really well, as you see it is not meal proof but the places that were still there were fine and I was able to retouch and keep wearing.  Would I repurchase?  Well, I found an inexpensive liquid lipstick that I like almost as well, but Sugarpill tends to have beautiful, unique shades so if I really wanted one of those I’d buy it without reservation.

Sephora Cream Lip Stain in African Violet

  • Retail: $14.00
  • Pigmentation: Good
  • Finish: Paper matte
  • Does it dry completely? Yes
  • Transfer-proof? Yes
  • Long-wearing? Moderately.
  • Food-proof? Somewhat
  • Comfort? Good
  • Repurchase? Nah

I really didn’t like the Sephora Cream Lip Stains when I first tried them but I’ve brought them back out and I like them a little better.  Honestly, they have a very similar look and wear to the Kat Von D but hold up to food better and can be retouched smoothly. Similar packaging to KVD as well, but plan black lid and shorter than the KVD tube.  If you like the kVD, definitely try these.  I don’t think I’d buy more of these but I will use the ones I have (this, and Antique Rose, which is a very pretty peachy shimmer).

Milani Amore Matte Metallic Lip Cream in Cinematic Kiss 

  • Retail $7.99
  • Pigmentation: Great
  • Finish: Metallic
  • Does it dry completely? Yes
  • Transfer-proof? Yes
  • Long-wearing? Pretty good
  • Food-proof? Not so much
  • Comfort? Excellent
  • Repurchase? Hell yeah

I love this stuff despite the fact that it’s definitely not food-proof.  It comes in a pretty acrylic tube with a gold cap. Feels very luxe. It smells like cupcakes.  Another win.  It goes on smooth, looks beautiful and feels like nothing.  I would compare it very closely to the Sugarpill. However, it’s pretty much gone with food.  Honestly, it’s so pretty that I would rebuy this despite that–$7.99 and available at Walgreens? Sold.

NYX Liquid Suede in Soft Spoken

  • Retail $6.99
  • Pigmentation:  Great
  • Finish: Satin
  • Does it dry completely? No
  • Transfer-proof? No
  • Long-wearing? Above average
  • Food-proof? Surprisingly so
  • Comfort? Eh
  • Repurchase? Probably not

I’m kind of of two minds about this one.  It comes in a nice tube with a black cap with a black jewel on top and I like that.  The color is really great (a dark warm nude on me).  It actually lasts pretty well through food and can be retouched.  However, it doesn’t give me the major thing I want from a liquid lip: it is not at all transfer proof, and doesn’t dry down, so it keeps feeling kind of sticky/tacky.  I don’t think I’d buy more of these because I would rather wear the NYX Matte bullet lipsticks rather than something like this.  I will use the rest of the ones I have though (I have 2).

Real Her Matte Liquid Lipstick in I Am Fearless

  • Retail: $15.00
  • Pigmentation: Pretty good
  • Finish: Sandpapery matte
  • Does it dry completely? Yes
  • Transfer-proof? Yes
  • Long-wearing? Not great
  • Food-proof? Nope
  • Comfort? THE WORST
  • Repurchase? Definitely not

Spoiler alert: This stuff SUCKS SO BAD.  I was really excited when it came in last month’s Boxycharm, because I’ve really wanted to try their bullet lipsticks.  They have these great empowering names and I love that.  Their lipliner was good (also from Boxycharm) but this liquid lipstick is awful.  I’m also bummed cause the color is absolutely gorgeous.  First off, it goes on patchy and it’s hard to get even pigmentation.  But the worst part is that it feels just so bad.  Like having fine sandpaper for lips.  After eating it came off all patchy and clumpy.  I wouldn’t buy this again, and it’s going straight into my friends bin (maybe someone else wants to try it).

Beauty Bakerie Lip Whip in Très Jolie

  • Retail: $20.00
  • Pigmentation: Excellent
  • Finish: Slightly satin matte
  • Does it dry completely? Absotively
  • Transfer-proof?Posolutely
  • Long-wearing? Like nothing else
  • Food-proof? Pretty damn close
  • Comfort? Ok
  • Repurchase? Damn straight

I really wanted to try Beauty Bakerie because they have really pretty cute packaging, are a great black-owned makeup brand (#BOMBchallenge), and I kept seeing these unreal videos on Instagram where this stuff just DOES NOT BUDGE.  I’m here to tell you that those videos are legit.  These come in such pretty packaging–frosted acrylic with a swirl design on the bottom, pretty aqua on the lid, with a gold band.  They go on smoothly and once they’re on they don’t go ANYWHERE.  I love this color (vivid hot pink).  They do come off a little on the inner lip when eating but you can touch them up as long as you don’t add another layer to what’s already there.  (After eating, I asked my friend “How are my lips” and she said “still perfect” but if I opened my mouth you could see the wear).  They are TOTALLY make-out proof.  You have to take them off with a remover, though, even oil cleanser doesn’t work.  They sell remover wipes but they were out of stock when I placed my order.  I use a biphasic eye makeup remover (Neutrogena Oil Free is a good drugstore one) and it works fine.  Beauty Bakerie is really everything I’d want in a liquid lipstick and I will definitely order from them again (because they also have my #1 favorite eyeliner ever).

Ciaté London Liquid Velvet in Pin Up 

  • Retail: $19.00
  • Pigmentation: Excellent
  • Finish: Satin Matte
  • Does it dry completely? Mostly
  • Transfer-proof? Somewhat
  • Long-wearing? Sort of.
  • Food-proof? Pretty good
  • Comfort? Fair
  • Repurchase? Maybe

This is another beauty box find (it was in Ipsy) and I really like this one!  The tube is similar to KVD or Sephora Cream Stain, not super special.  The color is gorgeous, though, and I love the finish.  It’s not totally transfer-proof but it’s not bad.  It lasts really well, not food=proof but can be retouched.  I am not sure if I’d repurchase or not but I will use the one I have happily!

Wet N Wild Liquid Catsuit in Flame of the Game 

  • Retail: $4.99
  • Pigmentation: Excellent
  • Finish: Paper matte
  • Does it dry completely? Yes
  • Transfer-proof? Yes
  • Long-wearing? Sort of.
  • Food-proof? Pretty good
  • Comfort? Fair
  • Repurchase? Soft maybe

This is a brand new product and the price of $4.99 is excellent.  If you are on a budget, this is the one I’d recommend for true matte liquid lipstick performance. It comes in a heavy, nice lucite-like tube.  I love this color, a very vivid orange-red (my sweetie said, “that’s bright!”).  It goes on smoothly and is well-pigmented. It’s not super comfortable, slightly below Beauty Bakerie.  With meals, it stays on pretty well and can be retouched.  Would I repurchase? If I really needed a liquid lipstick and I didn’t have the spare funds for Beauty Bakerie, I would, but generally I prefer bullet lipsticks anyway so if I’m going to go with a liquid lip I want the very best.



THE CHAMPION OF THE GEEK SWEETHEART LIQUID LIP SMACKDOWN: BEAUTY BAKERIE!!!! This stuff really is the cream of the crop for liquid lipsticks, and comes in some gorgeous colors.  10/10, A+ 

Runners-Up: Sugarpill, Milani Amore Metallic, and Wet N Wild Catsuit

Have a beautiful day, darlings!

DISCLOSURE: I purchased all of these liquid lipsticks with my own money, either individually or in beauty subscription boxes.  I did not receive any financial compensation, products, discounts, or promotional consideration for this blog post.  There is one referral link in the post, for Boxycharm (which I highly recommend!)



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