Sephora VIB Rouge Fall Preview, and Too Faced Glitter Bomb Review!

Okay, this is going to be a LONG post, so buckle up, buttercups! If you’re just here for the Glitter Bomb review, scroll about 3/4¬†down, I won’t judge. ūüėČ

Sephora VIB Rouge Fall Preview Event

I got an email a few weeks ago inviting me to the VIB Rouge Fall Preview event on June 4, 2017. ¬†I made VIB Rouge last year (2016) so I have this status until the end of 2017. ¬†In case you didn’t know, in order to make VIB Rouge you have to spend $1000 in a calendar year. ¬†This is not something I’m necessarily proud of–much of it was a result of compulsive shopping as a self-soothing technique and came with some credit card debt. ¬†But, I have until the end of this year to avail myself of the benefits of VIB Rouge, so I might as well. ¬†These include:

  • Complimentary 2-day flash shipping, no minimum (While nice, this is also something you can just purchase a la carte for $10/year)
  • Unlimited free makeovers, no purchase necessary (although, wouldn’t you feel like a chump if you didn’t buy anything? I would feel awkward)
  • VIB Rouge Exclusive Products (I purchased a Rouge-Exclusive set with Kat Von D’s Innerstellar palette, Studded Kiss lipstick in Wonderchild, and Everlasting Liquid Lip in a bubble gum pink color last year).
  • Invitation only VIB Rouge in-store events
  • A VIB Rouge exclusive phone consultation line with, ostensibly, more personal customer service
  • A VIB Rouge welcome gift (when I got it, it was a travel-size NARS blush in Goulue which was a Rouge exclusive shade. ¬†I like it.)

So, I think I’d been invited to these events before but never went, but my schedule was free enough this time that I could go. ¬†I could¬†also bring one friend, and I brought my awesome fellow queer fat femme, Shanna (who I found out that day HAD NEVER BEEN TO SEPHORA! ¬†I had to rectify this).

The event promised to include:

  • The ability to demo and purchase upcoming releases for this summer/fall
  • Brand reps to chat with
  • Mini-makeovers
  • Snacks!
  • A complimentary VIB Rouge exclusive gift bag with $35 purchase

I decided to RSVP to the event at Cherry Creek Mall in Denver because it’s kind of an old-school high-end mall with shiny floors, shops like Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton and Tiffany, and going there makes me feel fancy. ¬†I planned to spend basically the minimum, $35, so I could get my gift bag. ¬†I’m pretty well stocked on a lot of things, and my other planned beauty purchase this month was a subscription to and products from Beauty Pie (review coming soon!), so I decided to spend my $35 on something luxe that I had been coveting. ¬†I planned to buy Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture lipstick in Rose Crazy, which is a matte cranberry shade. ¬†I was also pleased because this would be a good choice for Pride Month, since Yves was himself a gay man; did you know that he joined with his long-term friend, business partner, and former romantic partner, Pierre Berge, in a legal civil union in Paris days before his death in 2006?¬†¬† This lipstick gets excellent reviews, and it has this beautiful, heavy gold case. ¬†I knew I would feel like such a fancy bitch using that lipstick! ūüėČ

Sephora VIB Rouge Fall Preview product releases

When we arrived to the event, a staff member signed us in by checking my VIB Rouge card on the app. The new Fall Preview products were displayed at the front, and it was already packed at about 8:45 AM. ¬†I checked out the new products, and the first thing that caught my eye was was the Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette. ¬†The reason why it caught my eye was because, to be honest, it looked underwhelming in the palette. ¬†I had seen photos online in which the colors looked very vivid, and they looked much more muted to me in real life. ¬†I knew what I’d come here to get (you know, that YSL lipstick), and I just thought, “meh”.

And then I swatched it.

My goodness, that glitter is so spectacularly beautiful, dimensional, and multi-tonal. ¬†I was entranced. ¬†Enraptured. ¬†I showed Shanna. She agreed. I stuck it in my basket, not really planning to buy it, but… They only had 4 on the shelf, okay?!

The problem that I am finding with this palette, spoiler alert, is that I cannot figure out a way to get this glitter’s beauty to show up on camera. It’s so much more magical than any photo would have you believe.

Shanna and I asked a friendly staff member how we could get our mini-makeovers. ¬†They got a staff member for us and she showed us that we could choose one look/technique from a photo chart. ¬†We both chose “smoky eye”, other choices included everyday eye, contour, foundation matching (I think?), etc. ¬†Shanna went first and I wandered around. ¬†A rep from Anastasia Beverly Hills approached me and gave me a little chiffon bag with a DS of their brow gel, and a bubble packet with 4 shades of Dipbrow. ¬†How nice! I love my Dipbrow, but I hadn’t tried the brow gel yet so I was delighted.

I went over to the YSL display, and sadly discovered that the Cherry Creek location does not carry the shade Rose Crazy in-store.  Indeed, the packaging is lovely, and the shades I swatched were nice, but I decided that if I was going to pay $35 for a lipstick, which would likely be a one-shot deal for me, I wanted the color that I want.

Meanwhile, Glitter Bomb is still in my shopping tote.

I asked another staff member walking past if there were any other brand reps there, because I’d done a lap of the store and couldn’t tell if there were or if those were just shoppers. ¬†He directed me to the Urban Decay rep, who was looking quite sharp with blue-tipped hair and impeccable, edgy makeup. ¬†Ooooh I do love the Urban Decay. ¬†I told her that Urban Decay was one of my fave brands, and I saw that they had the new Vice liquid lipstick which I haven’t yet tried. ¬†She said it is great, and that I should also check out the lip toppers (which I’ve been spying anyway!). ¬†I swatched a couple, and the purple lip topper is just so stunning, I put it into my shopping tote. I asked her if she had any goodies to give away, and she gave me two mini size Vice lipsticks. ¬†Ooh, I love Vice lipsticks. ¬†Happy about that. ¬†I also grabbed the Urban Decay Vice lipstick in the unfortunately named Psycho because I’m a sucker for soft butches and Ruby Rose is wearing it in the ad.

Ahem. Anyway, the Urban Decay rep was working on someone’s face, and I asked if I could be next. ¬†She said yes and then I wandered over to chat with the Bobbi Brown rep. ¬†She was telling me about the stick foundation, and then the staff member said it was my turn for a mini-makeover, so I excused myself. ¬†I asked for the smoky eye, and when asked what colors I liked, I said that I like vivid, bold colors, and other than that she could do what she thought would look best. ¬†It took her about five minutes to do my eyes, with two Urban Decay single shadows, Perversion mascara, and an eyeliner but I didn’t catch what kind, she applied it with a brush. ¬†This is where it was kind of a bummer, I did not care for how my eyes came out. ¬†This photo was taken immediately after she was done:

The staff member was very nice, and Shanna’s eyes looked good, but I saw a few issues with mine. ¬†The color was pretty well-blended at the edges, but patchy, and not very bold/saturated at all; and the eyeliner was all uneven and nowhere near close enough to my lash line. ¬†Also the mascara smudged like hell on me, sorry Urban Decay because I love you anyway. ¬†I have a hard time getting a smooth line on my eyeliner, but I do a much smoother line day to day than I got with the staff member. ¬†As far as makeovers from Sephora, I’d have to have another experience because I just don’t know if this is what I would expect, or if I might have a better result with a different artist.

I missed my chance with the Urban Decay artist, but the looks she was doing were really good.  She spent a lot more time, so I think she maybe did 2-3 people during the event.  If you got her, you got lucky!

So, after our eyes were done we circled back to what Shanna had her eye on, the Tarte Make Believe in Yourself “unicorn” palette, which she did end up buying after also debating the Urban Decay Moondust palette. ¬†I have resisted this line, because I already have a ton of shimmer eyeshadows in my collection, as well as the Anastasia Beverly Hills Moonchild palette, along with a knockoff set of those OG unicorn horn brushes, and a Lisa Frank blush brush, so I’m pretty set in the unicorn department. ¬†These shimmers on this palette are very beautiful though and that highlight shade in the middle is a gorgeous¬†holographic pearl rose color. ¬†This palette is also now on sale for $30 so I would recommend it if you have further unicorn needs.

The snacks were good, they also had some VIB Rouge bottled water and I got one so I could feel smug.

I finally decided to just buy the Glitter Bomb, and put back the Urban Decay lip stuff so I could stay close to my planned $35 (it was $45).  I was given the VIB Rouge exclusive bag, which is a cute and sturdy black-and-white cube.  I thought there would also be some samples inside but sadly, there was not.  When Shanna was checking out I asked them to give her the bag too but they said it was only for the actual VIB Rouge clients.  Bummer.  Shanna got some samples though, and tried out purple lipstick for the first time (which looked great and she bought it), so I think it was a pretty good time for her despite no bag.  I was happy, anyway, to get to hang out with my dear femme friend because she is moving away next month.

So, is VIB Rouge worth it, overall? ¬†I would say for goodness’ sake don’t TRY to get VIB Rouge for the perks, but if you are a blogger, these “preview” events are good because you get access to upcoming releases that you can write about.

So, to sum up, I got Glitter Bomb palette, two Urban Decay Vice mini lipsticks (in Backtalk, a pretty mauve nude, and Venom, deep plum), a DS of Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Gel and Dipbrow, and a Sephora cube makeup bag.

Me with Backtalk. So, basically, me everyday XD

Urban Decay Lipsticks                        

And now for the Glitter Bomb palette.

Sephora VIB Rouge Fall Preview haul

Like I said, I fell madly in love with it once I swatched it. ¬†The glitter is just so pretty. ¬†I suckered my 12-year-old niece into letting me do a nicer swatch on her arm, and even with these swatches, you really can’t see how nice the glitter is. ¬†I wanted to play around with the palette and make funky looks on her face and my nephew’s face (he’s 11). ¬†Neither of them were having it. ¬†Le sigh.

Too Faced Glitter Bomb Swatches
Too Faced Glitter Bomb Swatches

I did my first look with the palette this morning, and here are my thoughts:

Art Supplies Used:

Skin Food Peach Sake Pore Serum /// Estee Lauder Doublewear Foundation in 1N1 /// @elfcosmetics Loose HD Powder /// @urbandecay Afterglow Blush in Bittersweet and Afterglow Highlighter in Aura ///@inglot_usa Duraline /// @TooFaced Glitter Bomb palette: brightening base all over lid, Confetti over lid and Hot Damn at outer edge, Intensifying base (black) to set and smooth edges of eyeliner /// @BeautyBakerie GELato eyeliner in Black Milk /// @anastasiabeverlyhills Dipbrow in Ash Brown /// L’Oreal Double Extend mascara /// @LipstickQueen Butterfly Ball

Side note: I do not do anything to accomplish the puffy-undereye Korean Aegyo-sal look, it is just that one of my natural “flaws” is having a moment. XD¬†

What this palette is, and why I like it. 

This is a set of some very beautiful and unique glitter shadows in a variety of colors. ¬†Really, the glitter is the star of the show, and the underlying color is not the point. ¬†They are much more sheer, muted and even pastel when swatched, except the “Work It” and “Oh It’s On” shades which are more opaque and vivid. The glitter is multi-tonal and just hypnotizing in person, especially under certain lights (like, uh, Sephora’s lighting–can I please get those bulbs in the Glamour Cave? They seem magic). ¬†The “brightening base” (white) and “intensifying base” (black), are solid quality matte shadows and you do get a brighter, more pastel look with the white and a moderately more intense color with the black. ¬†White and black shadows are just good to have anyway, I used the black to set and soften the line of my eyeliner here.

I think that this palette is good for a few things:

  • A sheer wash of glitter on the lid if you want to be casual yet fancy.
  • Over top of a more vivid, opaque matte powder or cream shadow, to add glitter to a bold look.
  • Just swatching on your hand, tilting it back and forth in the light and staring at it.

So, it retails for $45.  This includes 8 glitter shades and 2 base shades in double-sized pans.  If you like glitter, you will like this.  I also love the Colourpop glitter shades and they are much more opaque in color; if you run the numbers, 8 Colourpop glitter shades, without the base colors, would set you back $40 so this palette is a comparable value.

Also, the packaging is adorable. ¬†I didn’t realize it in the store, but the “Glitter Bomb” text on the lid is actually a clear plastic pane with real glitter underneath each letter that moves if you shake it around. ¬† I just loved this. ¬†It is a cardboard palette that has a magnetic closure and a nice mirror in the lid. ¬†I would absolutely not travel with this palette without a strong rubber band wrapped around it and inside a separate bag in my makeup kit. ¬†I really have no cause to travel with a glitter palette so I don’t mind, and it looks quite nice in the Glamour Cave.

What this palette isn’t, and why it might not be for you.

First of all, I was kind of surprised when I heard Too Faced was releasing a palette called “Glitter Bomb”. ¬†I have only heard this term used in a negative sense, describing glitter shadows with a lot of fallout that end up depositing a lot of glitter under your eyes and on your cheeks. ¬†Or, a highlighter that has visible particles of glitter when one wants it to be a more shimmer or glow look. ¬†But, okay, hey, if you love glitter let’s reclaim that term “Glitter Bomb”, I get you, Too Faced. ¬†Second, I have seen some swatches on Too Faced Instagram and other influencers, and those swatches are MUCH more opaque than I get when I swatch. ¬†The above swatches on my niece’s arm were done as I would apply it–a few swipes¬†with my fingertip on the pan, then pat it on. ¬†I didn’t want to drag my finger too much and thus smear my careful tape line of the base shades. ¬†Also, when I dragged the shade over the black base, the black base came with it and muddied the rest of the swatch. ¬†I feel other swatches I’ve seen aren’t accurate to real product use, and the shadows are much more sheer than those swatches indicate. ¬†I think to get those vivid, opaque swatches you’d have to get a TON of it on your finger, not just a few swipes. Not to be critical of other bloggers: YMMV on everything and if you say those are your swatch results, I have no cause to really argue.

I don’t yet have Too Faced Glitter Glue or another primer of that type, and maybe the results would be different with something like that. ¬†I thought that the closest thing I might have was my Inglot Duraline (multi-purpose champ!), so on the above look, I applied the white Brightening Base to the entire lid and above the crease, then put a drop of Duraline on the back of my hand, dabbed my fingertip in it and delicately patted it over the white on the lid. ¬†I then patted several layers of Confetti over the whole lid, and two layers of Hot Damn! kind of on the outer corner, and blended the edges. ¬†I did my eyeliner with Beauty Bakerie GELato in Black Milk, with an angled brush, and went over the line with the Intensifying Base black shadow.

As you can see above, I have still not captured the elusive multi-tonal glory of the glitter in this photo, and the color itself isn’t super obvious–just generally light “pink”. ¬† It really is very pretty in person, but for color to really show up you’d need to use color under it. ¬†If you do that, I think you’ll get some stunning looks with this, but if you want bold opacity with just this palette, I think you’d be disappointed.

Also, this really is a “glitter bomb” in the traditional sense. ¬†I did my eyes before my foundation and the rest of my face, and there was quite a bit of visible glitter on my undereyes and cheeks after I did my eyes, even though I was carefully patting the shadow on with my fingertip and it was over a tacky, waterproof Duraline base. ¬†Once I did my foundation it was minimized, but I still see glitter there. ¬†Now, for me, I like to sparkle in my everyday life so no biggie. ¬†But, if you want a really crisp look with no glitter fallout, this is not the palette for you.

To sum up?

Very cute, unique packaging.  Beautiful glitter that hypnotized me in the store.  Good for the things I mentioned (sheer wash, or over another color shadow), but not as opaque as you might think.  Watch out for sparkly cheeks. I think $45 is a fair price, when comparing to other mid-range palettes and the Colourpop singles.

If you got through this whole post, I thank you for your time. ūüėČ

DISCLOSURE: I purchased the Too Faced Glitter Bomb palette with my own money; I received a gift with purchase (makeup bag) and a few deluxe samples for free at the Sephora in-store event.  I did not receive any free product, financial compensation, or promotional consideration in exchange for this blog post.  There are no affiliate or referral links included in this post.

Content and photos copyright and @GeekSweetheart, please do not share without crediting and linking. Email with any questions.









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