Welcome to the Glamour Cave! (Ideas on how to organize & display your makeup without Alex drawers.)

Welcome to the Glamour Cave!

Whenever anyone comes to visit my home, I am most excited to show them my Glamour Cave.  I especially love it when they are down to play with makeup with me, let me do their faces, talk about products and give them makeup that didn’t work for me (or samples of things I already have).

When we moved into our new home, my darling sweetheart said that this particular room would be great for my makeup station.  Our house was built about 45 years ago, and many of the improvements seem to be DIY.  There was a strange bathroom in the corner of the basement (finished basement, it’s where our bedroom is).  It had carpet (yuck for a bathroom) a sink and large vanity counter, and a jetted tub (which leaks so is not in use), but no toilet.  A weird bathroom, but it had possibility for a vanity.  It really was perfect, and I am so lucky that I got to make it my Glamour Cave!

As you can see in the photos, it has this spectacular old tacky wallpaper that I love and hope to never remove. There’s plenty of space to store everything I need, as well as my geeky toy collection.  I would never want a sterile, white Insta-Ikea makeup room, as beautiful as they are.  I wanted something quirky, and colorful, and nerdy, just like me! I also didn’t want to spend a ton of money.  Certainly we all have our limitations, but many of the items, I already had, or were very inexpensive.

For seating, I wanted something that rolled, and something to fit my butt that would be comfortable and adjustable for height.  I found this pneumatic stool. designed for professionals (salons, massage, tattoos, medical offices, etc) for $79.99 on Amazon Prime.  It was easy to assemble, is sturdy, and works great for my purposes.

Surprisingly, there are no electrical outlets in the Glamour Cave, so my sweetie snaked in a long extension cord and a power strip so that I could plug in my lighted mirror, iPad, and hair tools.  I already had this Zadro lighted mirror; one side is normal, and the other is 10x magnification.  It’s $66.17 on Amazon Prime but I got it for cheaper so keep an eye for sales.

Under the vanity counter, I attached command hooks to hang hair tools from.  Those are inexpensive, usually $3-$6 for two.  

There’s a little cubby area between the vanity counter and tub, and I put baskets from the dollar store there to keep extra go bags, headbands, and my sheet mask stash.  The power strip fits there too, so I keep hair products right above it.

I have a little storage carousel from Etude House in which I keep skin care, foundations, and other odds & ends. It’s adorable and it’s pink but it’s not readily available.  I got it over a year ago for $18.99 on eBay and I don’t know if they are still available.  I’ve seen similar things on Wish.com.

On top of the vanity counter, I store my brushes, eyeliners, lipsticks, and perfumes.  I have a variety of containers for them, some I’ve had for a while.  I have several short, square glass vases from the dollar store that are good for storing brushes, and the lipstick organizers that my fragrance rollerballs are stored in are also from there.  They aren’t as nice as the acrylic lipstick organizers I got on Amazon: this one is very heavy and clear, and this one came with a shorter organizer that I also use, but it didn’t say that on the listing so I’m not sure if it was an error!  I got the pink butterfly brush holders on the Wish app, but they have this same knockoff-Anna Sui style on Amazon for 4.99 each.

I got the adorable doll-face cups for $7.99 each from Target in the school supplies section over a year ago.  I can’t take credit for the idea, someone had them on r/makeupaddiction and they were so cute!

My advice is, before you buy any containers, check the dollar store first!  Thrift stores are great for pretty old mugs or vases for storage, too.

A lot of the stickers I have on the mirror are from Feminist Sticker Club, I’ve been a member for a while and it’s well worth the $2.99 a month.  My goal is to have the whole border of the mirror covered with stickers.  Because at heart I’m still 14.

As you see in the photo above, I have a beautiful mermaid hand mirror.  It was given to me by my sweetheart two Xmas’s ago and I don’t know where he got it.  But of course I love it so much.  Here is a closer look:

On the left side of the vanity counter, I have a sink; I usually do my skincare in our other bathroom, but I have the basics here, and I use this sink to wash my brushes.  I got the metal “Love” sign as a gift at my bridal shower, and the lemon blossom soap dish was a souvenir my friends brought from Italy.

I got the blue heart-shaped brush cleaner from Amazon, 2 for $6.99 (actually they were in my stocking at Xmas from sweetie).

Under the sink I have more plastic baskets from the dollar store to store my hair coloring equipment, bath stuff, etc.

Eventually I’d like to get a brush-drying rack like this one, but no one else is using the sink for the time being so I just lay them flat with their brush ends over the sink.

My sweetie already had this inexpensive wooden cabinet so I put that on the wall to store my skin care backups and odds-and-ends.  I kept a Pinrose rollerball set box and a Sugarpill shipping box on top because they’re pretty and I’m a dork.

To store the bulk of my makeup, I got this craft cart for $40 from Amazon, and I got this file sorter to go on top and store my large palettes.   I keep an empty cloth bag hanging on the doorknob to store empties so that I can save them for blog posts.


The items inside the drawers are just organized with empty packaging boxes or shipping boxes.  If you cut the lids off beauty subscription boxes they work great for drawer dividers.

One last thing I hope to get soon is a wall-mounted nail polish organizer like this one.  Currently I store all my manicure stuff in an old Sephora train case, but it would be much easier to choose colors if they were all visible.

While I was taking photos, I put together some stuff for a giveaway for y’all!  I will put it in a new post very soon!

Disclosure: I purchased everything listed with my own money or it was gifted to me by a friend or family member.  There are no referral links in this post and I did not receive any financial compensation, product, or promotional consideration for making this blog post.  All opinions are my own.

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